Closer Look towards Replacement of Sump Pump and Well Pump

Replacement of sump pump

Sump pump is used to take out gathered water mainly in the sump basin and thus normally available at the basement region of our house. Sump pump is truly needed for those houses that are situated in areas that are prone to flood mainly in the rainy season. This sump pump thus functions to drain away water from the foundation of our house and thus prevent interior and basement areas from moisture damage. But in proper time, Sump Pump Replacement or repairing is necessary if it stops working as faulty sump pump can lead to damage our home interiors like formation of mildew or mold. There are certain factors which involve in sump pump replacement process:

  • Model of sump pump: As soon as the sump pump stops kicking off, it’s the ideal time to go for replacement. A submersible pump is usually more expensive than a pedestal pump. But if we are using submersible model then it will be better if we go for that only.
  • Power and cost: Sump pump which is standard quality and of 1/3 horsepower ranges from 100 to 200 dollars replacement cost and able to remove 1800-2200 gallons of water.
  • Back-up battery: Sump pump generally works on AC power but at the time of power cut it can switch off to back-up battery immediately. So we need to check for battery backup system at the time of replacement which can be little expensive but good for function of pump.

Replacement of well pump

Well pumps are the equipment to draw water from the nearby wells by using pressure as well as suction. These pumps mainly deliver water to the storage tanks of our houses for daily use. Replacement of well pump is very much essential when it stops drawing water due to functional impairment. Replacing well jet pump is little costly than submersible residential well pump, whereas deep jet well pump replacement offers intermediate cost. Well Pump Replacement varies on the location and depth of water level and also on the type of pump. Submersible pump though a bit expensive at the time of replacement but keep back money and cost of maintenances for future days and also consumes less electricity and much less noisy.


Have a Look before Replacing Sewer Pump or Well Tank

Replacement of sewer pump

Sewage pump usually functions throughout day and night to flush off waste water and back water out of our home’s sewage system to some specific sewer or septic tank. Sewer pump generally of two types: regular one and grinder pump. Regular sewage pumps remove uninterrupted waste far from our house, whereas grinder sewage pump break off solid waste first then pump away the rest waste.  The main causes for the Sewer Pump Replacement are as follows:

  • Not working properly: When the float ball is hindered somewhere or fluid level is not reached to turn on the pump then our sewer pump may get dysfunction and need replacement.
  • Air-locking or motor humming: If the valve doesn’t work properly then air may get locked inside and thus the pump gets stop working. Motor only hums but doesn’t start off also can cause replacing of sewer pump.
  • Overheating of pump: Sometimes pump gets overheated and secrete out the fluid; this may impair the working function of sewer pump and thus require urgent replacement.
  • Noisy or for short circuit: If the sewer pump starts vibrating or the discharge pipe starts banging against the floor joints or wall then the pump produce some unusual noise. Replacement is also required when impeller stuck with rubbish or water enters inside the cord and fuse circuit happens.

Replacement well tank

Well tank or pressure tank is actually a storage tank that stores water from well through pumping system. Common signs that we can understand that we need to replace a well tank are too much rust, over-cycling and licking of pump. Well Tank Replacement usually requires hand tools, mechanical skill and an assistant help. Some tips for replacement of well tank includes in the following:

  • Turn off the electrical circuit of the pump that may be located at the electrical sectionofour house or need to disconnect sub circuit near the tank.
  • Inlet pipe need to be identified from the pump in form of a relief valve. Then the lever on the valve has to be filled up and pressure is inputted in the pipe. By opening the drain valve drain out water.
  • Connect a pipe wrench to the inlet pipe and repeat it with the outlet pipe of the tank. Safely keep the nuts and washer and remove the tank securely from the lift.